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Welcome to LeagueGenie.com!

Let us help you organize all your leagues and teams with our quick and easy online ScheduleGenie! ScheduleGenie is your feature rich scheduling tool, that takes as little or as much information you have about your leagues and teams, and creates an online schedule. Let our ScheduleGenie work it's magic for you!

• Schedule all your Leagues online.
• Scheduling online is quick and easy. Most schedules take less than one hour.
• Schedules can be manually modified for rainouts, schedule changes, etc.
• ScheduleGenie allows League and Team-level exclusions including:
   -Specific Dates
   -Specific Times
   -Specific Days of the Week
• Schedules can be emailed to all teams, as well as links to the schedules online.
• Teams can be made "Active" or "Inactive" for each season. Benefits of this include:
   -Teams don't have to be removed from a League if they don't play one season.
   -Teams don't have to be reentered into a League if they come back next season.
   -A Historical record can be kept of which teams played each season.

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